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Hello and Welcome to Paper Kolam! 

I am Madhumitha. and I am Glad to have you here!

On this blog, I’m on a mission to digitally document my kolam creations. Hopefully, you’ll find them as inspiring as I do!

Every woman in our Family and most Indian women who love Kolam has her own Kolam Notebook, filled with various kolams of all sizes and kinds. I want to carry on this tradition by documenting and sharing my knowledge in a way that’s helpful to others.

Head over to my first blog post and let me know what you think. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

More than 30 Easy 3 x 3 Kolam

More About Me

I’m Madhumitha and live in Germany with my husband and our adorable daughter.

After dedicating 5 of practising architecture, my life took a beautiful turn with the arrival of my daughter. We moved to Germany, where I started a blog sharing crafts and activities we do at home.

What began as a humble blog has blossomed into my full-time career, and I couldn’t be happier! Check out Littleladoo.com for easy Crafts and Fun Printables.

I always loved sharing my ideas! And this Kolam Website is another creative outlet.

Paper Kolam by madhu

I’m captivated by kolam art, especially the intricate Sikku Kolangal! Whenever my thoughts start to wander I find myself lost in creating these mesmerizing designs on paper.

As a child, I adored kolam, especially during festive occasions and the Marghazi months when our doorsteps would come alive with vibrant colours.

My grandmother was a maestro in this art form, creating intricate designs that left us in awe. It’s a little sad we didn’t have cameras back then to capture her masterpieces.

I dedicate this Blog to my Lovely Grandma, who is my inspiration and is always with us in our hearts!  

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If you have any questions/ ideas or suggestions contact me at paperkolambymadhu@gmail.com. Thanks!

More than 20 Easy 3 x 3 Kolam

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