4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs

Today’s blog is all about to 4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs!

Last week, I shared 3 x 3 Dot Kolam designs, and now we’re taking a step forward with over 30 easy and creative 4 x 4 Kolams, perfect for small apartment entrances and for kids to create their own cute little designs

4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs

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This morning, I spend time to recreate 4 x 4 kolams that I know, even experimenting with slight variations on familiar ones. In total, I’ve compiled 36 designs just for you!

Kolams hold a therapeutic effect for me, especially when crafting new designs. I particularly adore Sikku kolams, especially the smaller ones like these.

I used a Printable to create these Kolam and you can download them for free too! It is available at the end of the post!

4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs

Now, onto the 4 x 4 Dot Simple Kolam designs:

4 x 4 Dot Simple Kolam designs

On this blog, there are a total of 36 designs, with each image featuring 6 Kolams. I’ve grouped them based on their similarities in design element.

Let’s begin with the simplest designs, perfect for kids!

4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs (2)

In the next image, the first and last Kolams are single-line Kolams, where you start and finish the design in a single line.

4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs

Do you see the similarities between the kolam and yet how each one is unique?

4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs

4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs

Moving on to the next image, I love the first Kolam, which is also a single-line design. My mom often makes this Kolam at our entrance!

4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs

All the Kolams showcased here in the below image are classic Sikku Kolams. You can create countless variations using similar technique. Some of these might challenge your brain a bit, especially designs 3 and 4. Design 2 is a one-line Kolam, the Easiest of all!

4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs

That completes our list of 36 Kolams. I hope you liked them and added a few to your Kolam Note!

To save it for future reference, pin this blog. Also, ensure you follow Paper Kolam on Pinterest for new Kolam design updates.

4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs

Free 4 x 4 Dot Kolam Grid Printable

Creating kolams on Paper can be a Fun Activity, But setting up dot grids, even simple 4 x 4 layouts, can sometimes feel tedious.

To ease this process, I’ve provided a free printable Kolam dot grid specifically designed for 4 x 4 setups. I also make these kolam that you see on the blog with the same printable!

4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs

There are 3 different layouts, so print the one that suits your need.

This printable resource is incredibly helpful for children, enabling them to experiment with designs and learn more about this beautiful art form.

Remember, this PDF is intended for personal use only. Please refrain from sharing it with others. If you’ve found this blog and printable helpful, kindly share the blog link so others can visit and download their own copies!

4 x 4 Dot Kolam Designs

Simply click on the link below the image to access and download the printable template.


Thank you, and enjoy exploring the world of lines and dots!

Next week, I will see you with 5 x 5 Dot Kolam!

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