3 x 3 Dot Kolam Designs

Happy Tamil New Year to everyone! I’m thrilled to write my very first post on this auspicious day. 

Are you Looking for a small and Easy Kolam for your home Entrance? Or looking for Ideas for Filling up new Kolangal on your  Kolam notebook? We got you covered with more than 30 Easy 3 x 3 Kolams!

3 x 3 kolam designs

For those unfamiliar, kolam (Tamil) or Muggu (Telugu) is a traditional art form where intricate patterns are drawn with rice powder at the entrance of homes.

On special occasions, these designs become even more elaborate and vibrant. In Hindi, they’re also referred to as Rangoli.

This blog showcases the most beginner-friendly Kolam designs out there! Whether you’re looking to introduce your little one to the art of kolam or simply want to try your hand at something new, these designs are perfect for you.

Now, let’s jump right in!

3 x 3 Dot Simple Kolam designs

In our collection, you’ll find over 30 unique designs. While some may appear similar at first glance, each one has subtle variations that set it apart.

Each image showcases 6 kolams. I’ve organized them into groups with ones that are similar to each other. This makes it easier for you to navigate.

Let’s start with the simplest one of all! You can easily teach your first grader any of these kolams!

3 x 3 kolam - simple apartment kolam

The subsequent set shares a common element: the rounded rhombus shape. However, each one differs in how the lines encircle the remaining dots.

3 x 3 kolam - simple apartment kolam

The next 6 Kolam designs share a notable aspect if you observe closely. All (Except the 6th one) are executed with a single continuous line. Yes! We initiate at one point and conclude the kolam.

3 x 3 kolam - simple apartment kolam

Sikku kolangal adhere to specific rules regarding the pattern around a dot. By mastering these principles on small kolams, you can replicate them and create kolams of any size with practice, whether it’s 3 x 3 or 30 x 30.

Additionally, these make excellent fillers within larger kolams.

3 x 3 kolam - simple apartment kolam

And here’s the best part – we’ve included a printable template with 3 x 3 dots, just like the ones I used to create these designs!

The template comes in 2 sizes, so you can print the one that suits your needs best.

3 x 3 kolam - simple apartment kolam

In each image, While some may seem similar, they contain slight variations.


3 x 3 kolam - simple apartment kolam

Thus, there are 36 unique kolams featured in this blog, all of which are Sikku kolams.

I hope you liked these 3 x 3 Kolangal and also found a few new ones to add to your collection.

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3 x 3 kolam designs

I’ll be introducing another type of kolam soon, based on dot-to-dot connections, though I’m unsure of their specific name.

Keep an eye out for updates next week.

Free 3 x 3 Dot Kolam Grid Printable

Creating kolams can be fascinating, but some may find the process of making dot grids tedious, even if it’s just a 3 x 3 grid. That’s why I’ve provided my free printable Kolam dot grid for 3 x 3 layouts.

This Printable is immensely beneficial for children to experiment with their designs or to learn the art form.

Click on the link below the image to download the printable template.

3 x 3 kolam designs


This PDF is only for Personal use. Please do not share them with others. If you find this blog and printable useful, Kindly share this blog link for them to visit and download their copy!


Have fun with lines and dots!

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  1. Very nice initiative Madhu. Not only for little ones or young girls in 20s or 30s it is very much interesting for Elders like us.as we don’t put kolams regularly at house/apartment.
    Looking forward another type of kolams also.

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